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Student at research computer workspace looking up and smiling

Redefining Science

Talk with any one of our 2,600 Science undergrads, and you'll get a unique story with some definite common themes. Here you'll find a supportive environment where faculty, staff and fellow students will challenge you and help you find research, internship and leadership opportunities. Plus you'll have the advising, technology and educational resources of a world-class research university.

Become a Science student
Your 2018 Top 100 Science Students!

School of Science announces Top 100 Students for 2018

INDIANAPOLIS – With 41 students on this year’s list, nearly half of the student recognized are enrolled in the School of Science. This year’s Top 100 honorees were recognized at the annual reception dinner where the Top 10 students and Top student...

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The Programs You Want

Science majors at IUPUI have a head start on life. Scientific research requires not only evidence and logic, but also honesty, creativity, patience, and openness to new ideas. The problem-solving and reasoning skills you develop, as well as an increased understanding of science, will provide a great foundation for approaching any type of work and engaging your community.

Get ready for graduation!

School of Science graduation and commencement will be held on May 12, 2018

IUPUI commencement activities for the school year are scheduled for May 12, 2018.  Students who complete degrees in December 2017, May and August 2018, are all eligible to participate.  To learn more about the steps you need to complete, visit our graduation and commencement site.

Graduation and Commencement