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Welcome to the Office of the Dean

A letter from Dean Shiaofen Fang:

Shiaofen Fang, Interim DeanWelcome to the Purdue School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). School of Science faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to build a world-class research program and a vibrant, student-centered learning community. This past year we celebrated IUPUI's 50th anniversary, and we are proud to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of the School of Science on research, teaching and student services.

The 7 departments and 2 cross-departmental programs within the School of Science deliver a suite of undergraduate and graduate degree programs from both Purdue University and Indiana University, including 11 doctorate programs. All students, including undergraduates, are exposed to research opportunities in faculty labs and externally funded research projects. The School of Science educates students from all over the world in a dynamic and diverse learning environment. We are proud to serve the State of Indiana by putting record numbers of STEM graduates into the state's economy and, in turn, improving the success of businesses and services in the state.

While exploring our website, you will find many examples of student success from our undergraduate and graduate programs. You will also find examples of our faculty research and teaching accomplishments.

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IUPUI Science students take advantage of a learning environment that is unequaled in the Midwest

_mg_6772.jpgIUPUI is a beautiful campus in the city of Indianapolis located next to city government, museums, libraries, canals, and parks. Global pharmaceutical, IT, biotech, engineering, financial and insurance companies are within walking distance. The campus is the largest biomedical research center in the state and is home to the Indiana University Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Rehabilitation Science, Public Health, Social Work, etc. Five major hospitals are located on or connected to the campus by monorail train. In this environment, Science students have outstanding opportunities to do career-relevant research, shadowing and internship experiences relevant to all of our degree programs, both throughout the academic year and in the summer.

As early as freshman year, students in the School can engage in research and internships with faculty mentors in the school, across campus and in the city. Through these experiences our students learn research skills and problem solving; they learn to work in teams; they learn how to effectively communicate; they travel to conferences to present their work; they earn authorship on publications; and they develop contact networks that serve them for a lifetime. Coupled with an outstanding academic experience, this environment prepares our students for their next step in the workplace, in graduate school, in professional school, or in other chosen pathways. 

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IUPUI is a national leader in developing new methods of teaching STEM subjectsimg_6771.jpg

We engage and excite students, while holding them to high standards and stressing critical and analytical thinking. Our students learn in exciting, discovery-based classes. IUPUI Science students learn through leadership. As peer mentors, advisors and tutors, our students are partners in education and contribute to each other's success. 

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IUPUI Science students enjoy outstanding resources that support their success


We provide dedicated advisors for each program, learning resources such as the Mathematics Assistance Center (the "MAC"), the Biology Resource Center, the Physics Learning Space, etc. The School of Science Office of Pre-Professional and Career Preparation (PREPs) engages our undergraduate and graduate students and alumni in academic and career planning to help translate their professional goals into reality. 

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IUPUI Science faculty perform world class research

In partnership with our undergraduate students, our graduate students, and our staff, Science faculty do federally-funded research that is important for Indiana, the USA, and the world. Their research improves our economy, our health, and our quality of life. Through the success of our research efforts, in partnership with the IUPUI School of Engineering & Technology, we have recently completed a new research and teaching building that was completed without using any Indiana tax payer funds. 

Our faculty, staff, and students are driven to make an impact -- they are passionate about their work, and the resulting atmosphere is one you'll want to join.  When you are ready, learn more about becoming at student in Science at IUPUI. 

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