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Alumni Board

The School of Science Alumni Association Board consists of diverse individuals who look to further the professional, educational, and social interests of the School of Science and its alumni. This group offers networking, volunteer and mentor opportunities, and multiple events through the year.

Interested in learning more about the board or becoming a member? Contact Betsy Cooney.

Executive Board

Shawn Plew
Shawn Plew
Applied Computer Science, 2004

Khalilah Shabazz
Vice President
Khalilah Shabazz, Ph.D.
BS Psychology, 2000

Ashley Msikinya
Ashley Msikinya
BA Psychology, 2010

Nick Estrada
Nicholas Estrada
BS Chemistry & Forensic Investigative Science, 2011

Colin Terry
Past President
Colin Terry
MS Math, 2002


Members at Large

  • Dillon Etter, BS Biology, 2012
  • Sarah Fortney, BS Chemistry, 2015
  • Ellie Hall, BS Chemistry, 2010 & BS Biology, 2011
  • Justin Kosiba, BS Biology, 2004
  • Scott Orr, MS Computer Science, 2012
  • Ryan Widau, BS Chemistry & Biology, 2005

Honorary Members

  • Ed Brizendine, MS Math, 1993
  • Erin Dotlich, BA Chemistry, 2003
  • Roberta Fowler, MS Computer Science, 1977
  • Peggy Fisherkeller, MS Geology, 1999
  • Angie Hall, BS Psychology, 2005
  • Jim Hutchins, BS Computer Science, 1994
  • Terra Query, BA Chemistry, 2004
  • Carl Sobieralski, MS Biology, 1996
  • Eric Tinsley, BS Computer Science, 1982 & MS Computer Science, 1986

Ex-Officio Members

  • Simon Rhodes, IUPUI School of Science, Dean
  • Betsy Cooney, IUPUI School of Science, Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Events
  • Lindsay Heinzman, IUPUI School of Science, Director of Development & Alumni Affairs
  • Willow King Locke, IUPUI School of Science, Director of Career Development Services
  • Kimberly Merritt, BA Psychology, 1995, IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations, Director of Alumni Programs
  • Sarah Shroyer, IUPUI School of Science, Assistant Director of Development

Student Representatives

  • Alexander Latta, Graduate Student Council President
  • Chris Winter, Undergraduate Student Council President
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