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IUPUI CRL Bowling-Jones-Russo Memorial Undergraduate Research Award

The CRL Bowling-Jones-Russo Memorial Undergraduate Research Award is given each year to a freshman, sophomore, or junior student for outstanding research in any discipline.
The award is made in memory of members the IUPUI academic community who displayed, to the highest degree, the ideals of commitment to a discipline and to the concept of mentoring others on the path toward excellence. Michael Bowling and Christopher Jones were students seeking a second undergraduate degree in Biology. While enrolled at IUPUI they became attracted to the research work being conducted by Dr. Raymond Russo and joined his research team. While on a field trip they lost their lives in a tragic automobile accident. Several months later Dr. Russo fell ill with an affliction that would take his life a short time later. This award has been made possible by donations honoring the memory of these three dedicated individuals. It is fitting that the proceeds be used to reward the best examples of synergy in faculty and student interactions that result from disciplinary inquiry.

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