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Psychology Undergraduate Research Scholarship

The Psychology department is offering a $500 undergraduate research scholarship for undergraduate students who are engaged in mentored research.

Due Dates:  August 15 and Dec. 15.

The scholarship will be used to support research expenses and possibly a small stipend or hourly wage.  The student must propose a research project and have two letters of recommendation. One of these letters must be from their faculty mentor.  Four scholarships will be awarded annually.  Students may receive this scholarship only once.


  • Current IUPUI School of Science Undergraduate Psychology Major
  • Junior status or higher
  • Proposing a research project supervised by a Psychology faculty member or their designee
  • Will enroll in Psy-B499 or Psy-B492 when conducting the research project.
  • Submit a 500-word personal statement of your research goals and professional aspirations
  • Submit a 2-page research proposal, including a budget for how the funds will be used
  • Submit 2 letters of recommendation, one of which is from your research mentor who agrees to sponsor the your research project

To apply, send a cover letter, a copy of your transcript (this can be an unofficial transcript accessed at: https://kb.iu.edu/d/aquk#unofficial); your personal statement, your research proposal with budget, and your two letters of recommendation (signed, on letterhead) to: Dr. Bethany Neal-Beliveau, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dept. of Psychology, LD124, 402 N. Blackford St., Indianapolis, IN 46202.

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