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Vera Krol, Computer Science, Alumni

Computer science is the right formula for modern medicine

Vera Krol | 2005 Alumna, B.S. Computer Science, 2009 Alumna, M.D. IU School of Medicine | Department of Computer & Information Science Dr. Vera Krol finds herself working in a career with the perfect combination of theory and practice, analytics and experimentation.

As a resident pathologist at the University of Kentucky, medicine is her driving passion. Krol tends to approach medicine and research a bit differently than some colleagues, however, because of the way she learned to solve problems during her years as an undergraduate in computer science at IUPUI.

“Computer science is an attractive degree for medical school, because it provides ample opportunities for the student to rehearse and develop excellent problem-solving skills and scientific reasoning,” she said. “Both of these are critical in order to be an excellent professional, and particularly an excellent physician.” 

She became interested in studying computer science because her father is a software and database developer. The School of Science at IUPUI was attractive because of its reputation in computer science and mathematics, and she wanted to stay close to her Indianapolis home. 

“The science professors took a sincere interest in me and gave me opportunities to develop my skills,” Krol said. “My experience in the School of Science was rewarding, and the people in the department, professors as well as students, provided a remarkable environment for my undergraduate studies.”

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in 2005, Krol continued on at the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis and received her MD in 2009.  

She advises young pre-med students who are figuring out which undergraduate degree to pursue to “choose something you like and something that provides you with a deeper and broader understanding of your career.” 

Beyond its advantages to her medical career, Krol sees computer science as being versatile and applicable for anyone. “Not only is the degree valuable in the job market, but the knowledge you gain by achieving this degree will help you develop as a person,” she said.

Krol hopes to eventually practice medicine in Indianapolis, where she forged strong friendships with former classmates and faculty in both the schools of science and medicine.

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