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Jenya Chumin, Psychology, Neuroscience, Undergraduate

Student researches the relationship between skin conductance and pain disorders

Jenya Chumin | Psychology, Neuroscience, Undergraduate | Department of Psychology, Neuroscience Program Evgeny “Jenya” Chumin, an IUPUI senior double majoring in psychology and neuroscience, is also actively participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

 Dr. Karmen K. Yoder, Associate Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, serves as his mentor. Jenya noted, “Working with her, I have learned not only how to do research, but also how to make myself a strong candidate for graduate school and how to conduct myself as a researcher.”

Jenya hopes that his research topic, “Examining skin conductance and its possible relationships to measures of pain and cognitive strain,” will be significant to others. “My work will benefit researchers who seek to study pain disorders and are interested in alternative measures such as [how] skin conductance relates to pain.” He has presented at the psychology capstone poster session and the Society for Neuroscience Indianapolis Chapter annual meeting.

Participating in the UROP program has been beneficial to Jenya in several ways. He stated,   “UROP allows me to work independently and show that I am able to carry out research from start to finish. It shows graduate programs that you are committed and able to succeed in a lab.”

What’s next for Jenya? He is planning to attend graduate school and focus on neuroscience, brain imaging, and neurostimulation.

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